Gaulíe is a brand that helps you reveal your true beauty and  travels through world in search of the best for the health of your skin.

Our name comes from the city where we found our first formula, Gaul. A tribute to the beginning.

We believe that the secret of beauty should not be kept. Our focus is to find the best solutions so it can be revealed, through a perfect skin, at a fair price.


Your skin is our main concern and, therefore, the search for a solution perfect, at a fair price, is made around the world.

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Gaulíe GOLD PEEL-OFF Mask allows you to have a moment of
relaxation and stress relief. It has a smoothing and refreshing effect,
immediately improving the appearance of your skin. It exfoliates dead skin
cells, smooths and adds vitality to your skin.



Gaulíe “Sebum Control Peel off Mask” is an excellent way to combat
excess sebum production. It’s made with the finest ingredients that repair
irritated skin and controls oil, and even stimulates the skin’s metabolism,
leaving it feeling hydrated and refreshed.
Can be used on all skin types.

Anti-acne Patches

Anti-acne patch is formulated to reduce the inflammation and infection associated with
acne. The blend of natural ingredients reduces the visible blemishes by soothing, peeling,
purifying and restoring the damaged skin. The Acne patch is designed to be very small,
comfortable and The natural substances contained in the patch combat the reddening and
irritations giving evident results already after the first applications.


CharCoal Blackmask


Gaulie's black mask provides an effective solution to deal with blackheads, and unwanted impurities from your skin. Thanks to its activated carbon component, it will get rid of black spots and dead cells quickly and easily.Can be used on all skin types.




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Aloe vera gel


Suitable for full body skin, this gel instantly refreshes and softens your skin, being indicated for use after sun exposure and soothing dry skin.